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1.allow sb to do sth允许某人去做某事(后接动词不定式)

My father allowed me to go out for a walk after finishing my homework.

2.asked sb (not) to do sth叫某人做事某事(叫某人不要去做某事)

My father asked me to study hard.

He asked me not to swim alone.

be asked to do sth被叫去做某事/被邀请去做某事

I was asked to have a dinner with them yesterday. afraid to do sth害怕做某事

She is afraid to ask me questions. afaid of doing sth害怕做某事

I am afraid of going out at night.

5. be afaid of sth害怕某物

He is afraid of snakes. amazed to do sth对做某事感到惊讶

He was amazed to meet the girl there.

be amazed at sth对某事感到惊讶

they were amazed at the news.

7. be busy doing/with sth忙于做某事(常考)

I was busy washing my car at that time.那时候我正忙于清洗我的车子。

I am busy with my work.


the bus is coming/the dog is dying. excited to do sth对做……感到兴奋

Jacky was excited to travel there by plane.

be excited at sth

Lily was excited at his words.

be excited about doing sth

he was excited about passing the exam without going overing books.

10. be frightened to do sth害怕去做某事

Sam is frightened to ride a horse. glad/happy to do sth高兴去做某事

She is happy to clean theblackboard with me.

be p苏州英语培训机构,哪家好,一年大概要多少钱leased to do sth高兴做某事

She was pleased to helpthe old man yesterday.

be pleased with sth对某事感到高兴/满意

The teacher was pleasedwith my answer. interested in sth/doing sth对某事感兴趣/对做某事感兴趣

She is interested inswimming in the river.

My btother is interestedin Chinese.

13. be/get ready for/to do sth

be ready for为某事做好了准备

We are ready for the exam.

Be ready to do sth为做某事做好了准备

We are ready to have a birthday party for her.

get ready for sth为某事在做准备

We are getting ready for the exam.

14. be surprised to do sth对做某事感到惊奇

be surprised at sth对某事感到惊奇

This is nothing to be surprised at.

I'd be surprised to see him on such an occasion.

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