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1.Wanna play? 想玩吗?

2.Sure! What do you have to play with? 想!有什么可以玩的?

3.Everything! 什么都有!

4.Go on! What would you like to try/play on? 去呀!你想玩什么?

5.Do you want to play poker? 你想要玩儿扑克牌吗?

6.Do you know how to play it? 你知道要怎么玩吗?

7.I'll teach you. 我来教你。

8.Do you want to play it again? 想要再玩儿一次吗?

9.Could I try that? 我可不可以玩那个?

10.Sure! Go ahead! 当然可以!去玩吧!

11.Oh, that's okay. I'll just watch. 没关系,我看着就行。

12.Watch? But why? Don't you want to play? 看?为什么?你不想玩吗?

13.Sure, I do. But, well... 我当然想玩,可是

14.Let's play a game. 让我们来做游戏。

15.Let's start/begin. 让我们开始。

16.Let's play together. 让我们一起玩。

17.Enjoy yourself. 玩的高兴

18.I want to play with Jim. 我想和Jim玩。

19.Let's play home game/house. 我们玩娃娃家吧。

20.Why isn't anybody playing? 怎么大家都不玩了?

21.Do I need keep the toys? 要收玩具吗?

22.I want to go to playground. 我想玩大型玩具。

23.Stack your building blocks. 堆积木吧。

24.Let's play with puppets. 让我们玩儿木偶吧。

25.Let's dancing/singing. 让我们来跳舞唱歌。

26.Sing a song. 唱支歌。

27.Go ahead. 继续。

28.Let's listen to a story. 让我们听个故事。

29.Let's listen to the tape. 让我们听磁带。

30.Let's watch TV/a play. 让我们看电视/看表演。

31.Want to play hide and seek? 玩捉迷藏吗?

32.I'm going to count to ten. 我数到十.

33.Ready or not, here I come. 准备好了吗?我来了。

34.Come here./Come on. 过来。

35.Go to there. 去那边。

36.I am here. 我在这里。

37.Let's perform it together. 咱们一起来表演。


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